We believe fantasy play and interactive story creating are powerful tools, and a medium that can create positive change in the world. We aim to ignite the spark of imagination in all and empower others to turn their dreams into reality. We offer our audience a beautiful space to meet and exchange around the universal themes of myths, legends, and the stories that bring us together.


To provide a welcoming and unique platform for all to engage in imaginative and creative play, and to build community across fantasy genres through interactive, experiential activities.



The Realms Unknown Festival acknowledges that our event rests on the traditional land of the Cowlitz, Yakama, Klickitat, and Chinook people. We also acknowledge that these nations have all called the Lewis River basin home since time immemorial and the river was once home to abundant Pacific salmon, central to their life and culture. The Cowlitz Indian Tribe and Confederated Bands and Tribes of Yakama Nation still steward the Lewis River today.


The Realms Unknown Festival openly acknowledges the historical lack of inclusion and diversity within the entertainment, cosplay and fantasy industries. We are committed to, and are actively working to advance our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice by examining our practices and policies, addressing bias at individual and organizational levels, and increasing opportunities for participation and collaboration with artists, staff, board, and audiences of all cultural origins, abilities, and orientations.

We are also committed to providing a warm and welcoming environment for anyone who wants to attend, whether they are local or visiting, familiar with the fantasy festival, or exploring it for the first time. We understand and celebrate diversity in its broadest sense, including differences of age, physical ability, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. We also acknowledge differences that transcend social and cultural categories, but which are equally significant to opportunity and inclusion, such as health, geography and economic disadvantage.

The festival seeks to undertake all its activities in a manner that makes its program and opportunities accessible to all. We seek to address issues of under-representation wherever possible within the resources and remit of the organization.

  • We aim to reach a wider and more diverse audience by constantly exploring new programming ideas and forging connections with creators, entertainers, organizations and businesses who are historically underrepresented within the fantasy, cosplay and entertainment industry.
  • Within the resources of festival, Realms Unknown is committed to do everything we can to make our event accessible and enjoyable to alter abled individuals.
  • Realms Unknown is committed to adopting a ticket pricing policy that allows access to as many sectors of the community as possible, including making a number of tickets available every year for those on a very low income.
  • The festival strives to be a diverse and inclusive employer that treats everyone with fairness and respect. We commit to DEIB hiring practices for both paid and unpaid positions within the organization.


The Realms Unknown Festival is committed to having an environmentally responsible event and we are working closely with our partners to plan and implement a festival which will reflect green event best practices. We are passionate about improving the world we live in and strive to minimize our impact on the environment. The key actions being undertaken are:

  • Waste Reduction. This will be done through the reduction of waste such as no single serving containers, composting of organic matter, recycling and reusing of paper, metal.

  • Plastic FREE: We ask and encourage all food service providers to use and distribute disposables/serve ware – including straws and hot drink lids – must be made from paper, card, wood or leaves and be fully compostable.

  • There will be water refill stations. We encourage patrons and participants to use refillable water containers.

  • Teams of litter pickers work throughout the festival and afterwards hand-collecting litter.

  • Per health code permittance, Food and/or material which are left over from the event are to be donated to a charitable organization.

  • All coffee, tea, and drinking chocolate sold on site must be Fair Trade

  • Vegan and vegetarian dishes are required options in food vendor selections. 

  • We encourage all the participants to find the most environmentally friendly way to come to the venue. This may include taking public transportation, ride share, taking a non-stop flight, coming by train or coach if time and distance allows, and why not walk or bike if nearby.


  • Please use the toilets provided. Urinating and/or defecating on the land or in the rivers creates an unsanitary condition for other guests, contaminates the local water supply, killing wildlife and seriously compromises the future of the festival.
  • We are committed to using paperless technology as much as it is possible. Any paper products used will be printed on recycled paper
  • Event bags and/or any other items which may be distributed will follow a green procurement strategy and will include materials made of natural fibers which can be recycled and are biodegradable
  • We encourage our sponsors to also distribute their promotional material in a paperless manner and/or on recycled paper where possible.
  • Leave no trace. Please use our waste and recycling bins. It is not okay to drop litter on the ground. Help us look after our environment by placing your waste into the correct recycling bins.

  • Please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly, and respect No Smoking and Fire Safety Zones.

  • Please use water responsibly. Turn off taps and help us use water efficiently.

  • Please only use biodegradable body glitter. Conventional glitter is a microplastic

  • Bring in your own refillable tankard or reusable cup

  • Be mindful of costumes that may leave traces of micro-plastics behind